Mona Lueders is a conceptual photographer, artist and founder of the environmental initiative Pocket Hero. In her art, she explores subjects of identity, consumerism, the Anthropocene, colour psychology and packaging through fleeting, unique installations which she plans, builds and photographs. Her art can be seen as part of the environmental art movement and staged photography, and is inspired by glass painting, collages and classical paintings.She aims to find a balance between planning, staging and improvising. Some of her temporary installations take up to 4 months of preparation, and she builds unique arrangements within rooms, merging sunlight and ambience lights together which illuminate her plastic collages. Her still-life art imply elements of nature, which have been changed and altered by human interventions, such as fruits being wrapped in plastics and covered by stickers.

Mona aims to build a bridge from the traditional to a modern symbolism, by adding her own interpretations and reflections on modern day society. Her special interest lies on environmental issues and consumption behaviours which led her to create the project Circular Budy, which she is co-founding with an industrial designer in Berlin. The startup merges art, design, circularity and environment into a tangible product for every-day use.

After an international modelling career, which brought her to New York, she studied classical painting, drawing and printmaking at the National Academy of Fine Art and took courses at the Art Students League in New York, USA.She has worked for art consultancies such as Kreemart and Neil Meltzer and the gallery Uprise Art and moved to Berlin to study photography at the Lette Verein, School for Photography and Design.

Additionally, she took a year of business studies before becoming a professional photographer and artist. Since then she has been working for several photographers and managed and assisted in production studios while taking on own commissioned photography work.She has collaborated with organizations like the Universal Sea, Plan A and Surfrider Foundation and her project Windows of Consumption was featured in German RBB TV and Tagesspiegel.

Selected Exhibitions and Publications: 

2019:  exhibition „Fenster des Konsums“, Group Global 3000 

Book launch “Pure or Plastic“  by  Universal Sea at UdK (Universität der Künste, Berlin)

Exhibition and artist talk at Betahaus Berlin  „Can Art be a Catalist for Change“

 2018: TV Feature at RBB Berlin,  „Fenster des Konsums“  

Article at Tagesspiegel, Titel: „Kunst aus Müll und Licht“

2017: Group exhibition with the Photography Kollektiv „NULL“ , Galerie Uhrwerk, Berlin

2016: Publication in Motz streetmagazine: „Soziale Förderung in Tel Aviv“, „Trump Tower“ 

2014: Street photography groupshow at "Bushwick Open Studios", Brooklyn, New York