Pocket Hero is a convenient and beautiful portable ashtray made out of locally recycled thermoplastic, designed to prevent littering in cities and in nature by allowing cigarette butts to be safely stored for disposal when you’re on the go.


How it began:

The Story began with our wish for cleaner parks, rivers, beaches and streets. A major inspiration was Japan, where smokers use portable ashtrays on the go. This results in genrally cleaner landfills and more self responsible behaviours of the society.  In our research, we noticed that the portable ashtrays currently on our market are not popular enough for people to consider buying an extra accessory.

We wanted to create an ashtray that has more to it than just the function of collecting butts: An ashtray which is well designed, one of a kind, personal and made locally of recycled material, ready to be recycled again after it‘s lifetime.

Users requirements make it not possible for companies to just create and design an exceptional product that solves a problem or make some tasks easier to achieve, but they demand to know how it is produced and delivered, which materials are involved, and what they should do with the product at the end of the life cycle. Portable ashtrays that can be found nowadays are failing to deliver, for both companies and society. We strongly believe our innovation empowers these demanding, supporting the design and creation process.

In this direction, we created a product considering material technology, production processes, commercialization, delivery to consumers & supporters, and end of the cycle in a new approach to engage the external environment. Portable ashtrays as we know them, are made out of traditional materials, like metal or plastic with unknown origins, most of them are unrecyclable and the ones that can be recycled do not reveal any involvement in local recycling methods. They also lack real engagement with the society, as they do not campaign, promote and market the positive effects of their products sufficiently. We considered also education, fully circular methods, external integration, and local recycling.

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